If you’re looking for an aluminium balustrade that’s lightweight and weather-proof, look no further: aluminium balustrading is the way to go.

We can provide and custom-make them in a variety of styles, including:

  • Louvre
  • Contemporary
  • Homestead
  • Viking
  • and more.

Any deck, balcony, stairwell, retaining wall or terrace in your garden over 1.0m high needs some sort of edge protection. All balustrades are available with PS1 and PS3 Council compliance.

If you have an engineer’s plan for a custom balustrade, we can fabricate, install and supply a PS1 and PS3 Council-compliant balustrade. Even if you would just like recommendations and a free quote, feel free to contact us.


Aluminium Balustrades

Pioneer Fabrication can help create the perfect set of Aluminium balustrades for your property. We can manufacture Balustrades in NZ from our specialist workshop based in Brown’s Bay on the North Shore. Pioneer Fabrication has over 10 years experience creating Balustrades in Auckland for stairs and decks which add both aesthetic value and functionality and safety to your outdoor areas.

Our workmanship, eye for detail and customer service are second to none, since we understand that high quality balustrades are essential to creating a beautiful and valuable property. Our services are efficient and cost-effective, meaning we can get your balustrades designed and installed quickly so you can get to enjoying your new outdoor space faster and not stress about the process. We pride ourselves on making and installing the finest driveway gates, Stair Balustrades, pool fences and handrails in Auckland NZ. 

All Aluminium Balustrades Auckland are available with PS1 and PS3 Council compliance. We take pride in manufacturing all our products in line with council requirements to ensure safety and quality. If you have an engineer’s plan for a custom balustrade in Auckland NZ we can fabricate, install and supply a PS3 compliant balustrade.

With a huge range of different designs available, our balustrades are perfectly suited to meet all your requirements. Installing Balustrades Systems in Auckland has a variety of benefits:

  • Make the most of your outdoor space and utilise every square metre of your property with balustrades perfectly fit to your deck or stairs.
  • Aluminium is low maintenance and lasts a long time in a variety of different weather conditions.
  • Add value to your property with additional features and increase appeal for potential future buyers.
  • Improve the aesthetic value of your home with personalised balustrades made to match the style of your home.
  • Get peace of mind knowing your children and pets are protected from falling off your deck or stairs.
  • We can also add many types of fences and gates to complement your balustrades and create a cohesive and functional boundary for your property.

Even if you’re just wondering about what is available, our team is happy to offer their expertise and display our range of balustrade products. Pioneer Fabrication can help provide expert advice and recommendations for the best options for your property.  For easy one-stop service, we do Aluminium Balustrades in NZ from the ground up. From laying concrete pads to custom-making gates, from wiring and automation to installing your choice of insert, we’ve got you covered.