Child safety is an absolute necessity around swimming pools and ponds. Getting safety to tie into your swimming pool area is what you want to be able to do.

Keep it stylish and secure

Fencing is a great way to secure your surroundings. Be it a boundary around your house or swimming pools, fences are safe and secure. We have a range of options to keep you more secure.

Seamlessly combining elegance and style with absolute safety is a good way to assure that your loved ones can have fun without you worrying.

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Pool Fencing

Child safety is an absolute necessity around swimming pools and ponds. You want to seamlessly combined elegance and style with absolute safety…

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Boundary Fencing

Boundary fencing is great for keeping pets inside and shutting out prying eyes. We have many options to suit your business or home…

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Fence Builders In Auckland

Pioneer Fabrication is a team of qualified and experienced Fence Builders and Designers who can help create the perfect fences for your needs. We have well over 10 years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing fences for properties all over Auckland and beyond. Whether you need a sleek black fence to complement a contemporary style home, or beautiful ornate whtie fencing to add a luxurious feel to your property’s boundaries.

We’ll handle every part of the process of installing Aluminium Fencing on your property. From designing the plans for your fence, to manufacturing it in our fully equipped workshop, to applying the final protective coating and colours, to laying the concrete pads for installation, our team at Pioneer Fabrication does it all. We can work alongside you to design a custom Fence and Gate in Auckland which perfectly encapsulates your aesthetic, or you can pick and choose from our huge range of pre-built styles which have a proven track record of looking great. The possibilities are endless, from full-height solid boundary fences which add privacy and an increased sense of security to waist-level ornamental fences which emulate the classic white picket look popular in Kiwi homes for decades.

With the perfect custom design, our fencing will go above and beyond all your requirements. Installing a fence from our Fence Builders in Auckland has a variety of benefits:

  • Make the most of your outdoor space and utilise every square metre of your property with a fence installed to perfectly fit the boundary of your section.
  • Increase your privacy and prevent outsiders from seeing into your property, as well as creating a physical boundary which prevents unwanted intruders from entering.
  • Add value to your property with additional features and increase appeal for potential future buyers.
  • Improve the aesthetic value of your home with a custom built fence made to match the style of your home.
  • Get peace of mind knowing your children and pets can’t leave the property without your knowledge when unsupervised.
  • We can also add many types of gates to complement your fences and create a cohesive and functional boundary for your property.

Aluminium Fencing is built from a material which is designed to last very long periods of time with minimal maintenance. Aluminium holds up well under a variety of weather conditions, which is further strengthened from the protective coatings we apply in our workshop before installing.

We have a range of different hinging, rolling and locking options to keep you more secure.

If you have any questions about fencing, don’t hesitate to contact us.